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Our projects are undertaken within residential and commercial properties in the North West.
Our work ranges from small scale restoration through to the more complex tenders for large scale residential and commercial developments.

Partitions, Ceilings, Floors.

The modern, engineered alternative to traditional timber and blockwork construction, metal based wall, ceiling and floor systems are quicker and easier to install, whilst meeting the highest performance requirements.



We offer a full range of specific and multi-purpose solutions for all internal plastering needs and backgrounds.


Specialist Rendering

We are experienced in all aspects of specialised rendering solutions, wall coatings and exterior thermal wall insulations.

We are committed to provide a vast range of wall coating solutions and energy efficient services to the domestic and commercial markets including social housing providers.

SFS Steel Frame Systems

The most common application for SFS is infill walling. In this scenario the sfs is constructed from the floor to soffit of the primary structural frame to ‘infill’ the external wall zone. This option is typically the most economical solution and allows the SFS to be installed from the inside of the building.

Continuous walling is where the SFS is designed so that it ‘oversails’ the edge of the primary structure. This method is often used when a design team wants to maximise the amount of internal floor area or if they are using a cladding which cannot accommodate horizontal deflection joints at each floor level. Continuous walling is typically constructed from the outside of the building.

Fire protection

The FIRAS scheme for Penetration Sealing Systems is a fundamental requirement of fire safety in buildings. Few things are more fundamental to the fire safety of a steel framed building than the fire protection of the structural skeleton since failure can lead to the premature collapse. Despite this fire protection is often a neglected part of the building.

Penetration Sealing Systems are vital in maintaining compartmentation and preventing the spread of fire and smoke and must be correctly installed by certified contractors like Plaster Plus Interiors.

Plaster Plus Interiors, a FIRAS certificated company, ensures that installers, assessed by FIRAS for their competence, will be adequately supervised and will only use the correct products and methods within their tested and approved scope.

As a FIRAS installer Plaster Plus Interiors are required to maintain records of every contract undertaken and to inform FIRAS of all contracts so that random inspections of the installation work can be undertaken. On completion Plaster Plus Interiors will issue a certificate of conformity.

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